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VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server hosting) is a term used by web hosting companies when they are referring to a virtual machine. The term VPS is used to emphasize on the fact that even though running as software on the same physical server as other clients' virtual machines, it is functionally still an independent server dedicated to the needs of the customer using it.

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Terms like VRS and VDS (Virtual Root Server and Virtual Dedicated Server) are also used when referring to virtual machines in the web hosting industry.

VPS's bring a number of advantages over shared hosting and are sometimes the perfect fit for the requirements of many customers. Here are a few advantages of VPSs;

Absolute control with VPS hosting

Unlike shared web hosting, where you are at the mercy of your hosting company, cheap VPS hosting offers you full flexibility and absolute control over your server. In a shared hosting environment, if the server administrators decide to restart your server during peak business hours for your website when traffic is at its maximum, you would be able to do nothing but sit and stare at those lost sales.

However, this is not the case with VPS hosting cheap. With cheap VPS server hosting, you can get a cheap Windows VPS or Linux VPS for that matter, and still enjoy the benefits of complete control, as if the server wasn't cheap VPS hosting, but an entirely dedicated server.

As a cheap VPS hosting client, you can have full control over your server. Deciding the operating system you want to run, or the software you want to be installed, the ports you want to leave open and the ones you wish to close etc. It all depends on you, since you control every aspect of the server. Most cheap VPS server hosting companies offer root access to the clients, so even though you're hosted on a physical server shared among multiple clients, you still enjoy full access to your share of the CPU, RAM and storage space.

VPS hosting - Cheap and secure

Since VPS servers are isolated from one another, they function as if they're actually individual entirely dedicated servers. With shared hosting accounts there is always a risk of the server getting hacked and data being compromised or someone else's mistake lets a Virus in. This entire risk is eliminated when you opt to go with cheap VPS hosting.

Immense flexibility

With shared hosting, you would not be able to run certain scripts that require certain ports to be open in the firewall. Shared server hosts secure their server in their own way and are generally very uptight about it. They don't bend rules to make a single client happy since it would be impossible for them to manage security otherwise. Hence with a cheap VPS server hosting, you will enjoy full flexibility. You can decide the ports to keep open and close, fight your own spam and have your own security standards.

Extreme scalability

If you run out of resources on a dedicated server, upgrades are painful and with certain restrictions. If you wish to upgrade your RAM, you need to take down the server and add more sticks (that too, if the motherboard can hold any more. If it can't, the whole server needs to change which again is a painful process). With VPS hosting, whether is Linux or a cheap Windows VPS, resources like Memory, Storage and CPU power can be upgraded by your VPS hosting provider in the click of a button without any kind of downtime. At the most, a reboot would be required which would barely be noticeable since VPSs power up very fast. Similarly, if you suddenly don't require as much RAM/Storage as you have, downgrading a Dedicated server is not a very easy task mainly because there's a lot of admin time required, hence many datacenters don't allow it. However, with cheap VPS hosting, it becomes rather simple to downgrade your account for your hosting provider. Hence with VPS you get the advantage of having endless scalability.


cheap windows vps

With a dedicated server, redundancy would become extremely expensive. Investing in expensive hardware RAID, multiple hard drives, etc. becomes rather expensive. However, you can get superior levels of reliability and redundancy with a cheap VPS hosting package. Most cheap VPS hosting providers invest well in their hardware and if you are working with an "anything close to reliable" provider, they would have excellent hardware; hence data loss would not really be a worry for you. Most VPS hosting companies know, what they are doing and are pretty damn good at it and hence are successful in delivering the highest level of services to their clients.

Automatic OS re-installs

Dedicated server providers generally charge about $50 for an Operating system re-install, since valuable admin time is spent on the procedure and troubleshooting, if issues arise during the installation. However, this is not required with cheap VPS server hosting since most VPS control panels (like SolusVM and VePortal) come with templates of operating systems for one-click-reinstalls. If you wish to reload the operating system on your server, you can do so with the click of a button. The OS on your VPS gets re-installed in the background while you can sit and relax. It generally takes about 5-10 minutes for the OS installation procedure to complete, after which you're all set to go.

These are just a few of the many advantages that come with using cheap VPS hosting.

Even though cheap VPS hosting has so many advantages over traditional hosting, however, there are still some factors you should keep in mind while selecting an appropriate cheap VPS server hosting provider.

Picking a VPS hosting provider

Cheap VPS hosting providers sometimes oversell their servers to cover costs and maximize profit. Overselling is a very unhealthy business practice that certain VPS hosting providers adopt and as a customer it is your duty to yourself to do your research, so that you can steer clear of such providers who are just around to make money and make the life of clients miserable.

The very first hint you can get to judge a company as your potential provider is their support standards. You must first go through their terms of services very carefully and ensure that all their terms are acceptable to you. Next make sure that at least 2 of the following 3 methods of support are offered: Email/Helpdesk, Live chat and Phone support.

Companies that cannot invest in a decent support team are probably not going to invest their time and effort to ensure you are satisfied. Additionally, it also shows their lack of ability to handle critical situations.

Not just that, you must always use Google or other search engines to dig up reviews about the company that other clients might have posted online on public forums etc. Who can give you a better insight on a VPS hosting provider’s server performance, support staff and reliability, than an existing or past client of theirs?

Most Linux as well as cheap Windows VPS providers have been around for a while, 3-5 years minimum. Having an established client base and having built a reputation in the industry, if the company is reliable enough to work with, they have to have multiple reviews floating around the internet, posted by their clients either happy or upset with them. Read some reviews and you'll get a better idea of how the company functions and what to expect, when you sign up for cheap VPS hosting with them.

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After finalizing the package you want to sign up for and the VPS hosting company you want to sign up with, the next step is to test their support team to ensure they are knowledgeable and available 24/7 to take care of your websites and business. If you're going to trust your data in their hands, you need to know they're capable enough to take good care of it. You also need to know that they will be around 24/7 to help in the hour of need. Hence before signing up, randomly call up the 24/7 support line (if they have one, if not, hit them up on Live Chat to see if anyone's around and responding to live chats/phone calls). Call for a couple days at random times once or twice during the day to ensure that they have staff available to help customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Apart from that, the reviews you read about the company on forums from their existing clients are enough to let you judge their reliability and services. However, don't be fooled by fake reviews that certain cheap VPS hosting companies post themselves to attract customers.

If you're looking for a cheap VPS hosting provider for a cheap Windows VPS or Linux VPS hosting, it is always better to select a provider of VPS hosting that has local phone lines in your country, so in urgent and critical situations they can be contacted immediately via a simple phone call.

VPS hosting however is slowly becoming less popular as the cloud hosting platform is launched. It combines the functionality of a VPS as well as dedicated server into one, providing the highest levels of redundancy at extremely cost-effective prices.


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